Why I Want to Empower the Youths With the Skills, the Principles and the Platform They Need to Be 10X Better!

Why I Want To Empower The Youths With The Skills, The Principles And The Platform They Need To Be 10X Better!

Why I Want to Empower the Youths With the Skills, the Principles and the Platform They Need to Be 10X Better!

And How the Skills and Kingdom Principles I Acquired When I was Younger and Unemployed is Helping Me to Actualize My Dreams and Lead a Fruitful and Fulfilled Life Today, and How it can Help you Too!

A few weeks ago a young man came to my office requesting to see me, and when he came in he began to lament how he has been struggling and suffering in life.

He went on to say that he perceived that some people are using charms and witchcraft powers and forces against him, that is why things are not working for him.

And that is why he keeps losing any job he gets, and that he lost one recently. Therefore, he want me to pray for him and help him with a job.

I asked him what skill do you have? That if he have the digital skills we re looking for we shall hire him or refer him to my friends and associates that are also looking for people that have those digital skills.

He didn’t have any skill, talkless of having any of the Digital Skills that are demand and very profitable in the Digital Age.

I prayed for him and counseling him, and encouraged him and asked him to enroll to any of these skills we offer in our academy (SSN Tech Academy) is an academy established by our ministry; to empower young and unemployed people free of charge with Tech Skills they need to be gainfully employed or build businesses and create wealth.

Today that young man that came to meet in the office is a Digital Entrepreneur, likewise many others that we trained and mentored are doing very well, and are also actualizi their dreams. This is why gives me joy and fulfillment and why am doing these.

As a pastor a lot of people both our church members and non-members comes to my office for prayers and counseling, and one thing I observed is that lack of Skill and Discipline is 80% of the problems most people have, while 20% is spiritual.

I preach the gospel of the kingdom, and I also preach and encourage people to acquire Digital Tech Skills especially the young people because technology is transforming every industry today.

I encourage people to acquire Digital Skills they are in demand worldwide and very profitable and productive in the digital age.

With Digital Skills you can be gained fully employed or leverage it to build businesses with shoestrings capital and create wealth. And I can mentor and guide you.

Am a living witness to the power of skills, especially Digital Skills, in fact the Digital Skills I acquired a few years ago when I was younger and Unemployed Enabled me to build Digital Businesses and my Ministry, Digital Skills, Discipline, plus Diligence and the grace of God is helping me to actualize my dreams and lead a fruitful and fulfilled life today.

Hence, am on a mission to empower the youths with same skills free of charge, because of the success stories of the young guys I have empowered and mentored, and because of the vision, revelation and instructions from the Holy Spirit on July 1st, 2021 about the 5 major evil spirits dominating and manifesting in the lives of most youths in this nation.

In view of these, the Spirit of the Lord inspired me to host YOUTH EXCEL SUMMIT; to empower youths with the Skills, Prayers, Kingdom Principles, the Platforms, Support, Mentorship, Motivation and the Revival fire they need to be fruitful, productive, occupy and influence the world for Christ.

Youth Excel Summit; is a 5-Day Revival, Restoration and Skills Empowerment Programme for the youths.


Theme: 10 Times Better!


Dan.1.20 – And in all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king enquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his realm.

The programme is a platform to reach and minister Revival, Restoration, Deliverance, Healing, Re-orientation, Inspiration for Innovation, Gifts Discovery & Development (Talent Hunt), Digital Tech Skills Empowerment, and Opportunities to christian youths to be 10 Times Better than those of the world.

Why You must Attend?

This programme is loaded with life-transforming sessions;

Digital Tech Skills Empowerment; you will learn any of these Digital Tech Skills that are in Demand free of charge;

Web Designing
Digital Marketing
Online Business
Digital Marketing
Online Importation & E-commerce
Solar and CCTV Installation

These courses will be presented live at the event and via our online course platform free of charge.

Biblical Keys to Become 10x BETTER

Healing and Deliverance sessions

*Discover your Gifts and Calling, and fulfill your Purpose

The Gifts Discovery Contest (Talent Hunt)

Study and Work Abroad Opportunity; you will discover skills that are in demand in Canada and Australia, and how to acquire it and secure work or study permit to travel and study abroad.

*Above all at the end of the programme you and other youths will receive all you need to occupy and fulfill the dominion mandate, and Influence the world for Christ.

Schedule of Events

Date: September 29 – October 3, 2021

Morning Session 8:30 am
Evening Session : 5:30 pm

See attached flyer or visit our webpage;

You can join at the Church or Online via Facebook and YouTube Live

For more details and to register to attend the sessions or participate in the Gifts Discovery Contests please visit; www.thekingdomcitizens.org/youthexcel

Powered by;

ChristKingdom Ministries

In Collaboration SSN Tech Academy

3, Baale Street, Olori B/Stop, Akute via Ojodu Lagos
For enquiries and counseling, pls call;
Web: www.thekingdomcitizens.org/youthexcel

NB: Please share this Message with as many as possible especially with the youths that need to see this and benefit from this rare opportunity and platform.

May the Lord bless and meet you at the point of your need as you partner with us to spread His Word and start a revival amongst the youths in Jesus Christ’s glorious name, Amen!

Dont miss this for any reason.

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

Schedule of Programme

Day 1: Wednesday Sept 29
Praise Galore and Film show
6:00 pm –8:00 pm
Day 2: Thursday Sept. 30
Morning Session – Deliverance and Miracle Hour
8:00 am – 9:30 am
Evening Session: Upcoming Gospel Artistes Gifts Discovery and Film-show
6:00 pm – 8: 00 pm


Day 3: Friday Oct 1st
Morning Session: Gifted for a Purpose Seminar
Discover your gifts and calling, maximize potential and fulfill purpose 
9:00 am – 12 noon
Evening Session:  Upcoming Gospel Ministers Gifts Discovery and Prayer for Nigeria @ 61
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Day 4: Saturday Oct 2nd
Morning Session: Digital Skills Empowerment Seminar
You will discover Digital Skills in Demand Worldwide and Turning Youths with No Experience and No Capital to Millionaires and Influencers.
10: 00 am – 1:00 pm
Evening Session:  All-round Praise and Worship


Day 5: Sunday Oct 3rd
10 Time Better Conference& Thanksgiving.
Why and How to be 10 Times Better than the worldly youths.
9:00 am – 11: 50 am
Note: you can join the event at the Church Auditorium or Online via Facebook Live.



Apostle Chiugo & Amaka Chiugo


Apostle Paul Beye

Prophet Victor Seun Johnson


Evang. Amaka Chiugo
Gospel Artiste