When you are led by God you become a leader.

When you are led by God you become a leader.


What makes leaders of distinction is precision of direction.

You cannot run the race of life with guesses. No, don’t try it.

Guess is no better than trial and error.

The Holy Spirit is your best friend and partner, your teacher, director and manager.

Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel: “I am the LORD your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go – Isaiah 48:17

You need the Holy Spirit in order to make the right choices and decisions. He is the one who teaches you how to profit and leads you by the way you should go. With Him, you cannot make the wrong decision or move.

Without His guidance and counsel, you are bound to trial and error and to mistakes.

Casting a lot can lead to missing your God-ordained lots for your life.

It is the precision of direction that leads to distinction.

Get it clear from the Lord and the entire journey will become clear.

When you are led you become a leader.

When you are guided you stand great among men.

When you follow his voice you become a voice.

When you follow him you command followership.

When he directs you, He turns you to a point of direction.

When you look up to him, everyone around you looks up to you.

Following his guidance turns a man from being a wanderer to a wonder.

Stop guessing to stop wandering.

Action Point:

Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life today and be your friend, guardian and manager today and He comes and seals you with His fire and empowers, directs and manages you.

However, the Holy Spirit comes and dwells in you after you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord, and He will sanctify and help you to live a Holy life as you cannot do it without His help.

Heavenly father fill and seal me with your life, fire, and power of the Holy Spirit now in Jesus’s name, Ame!

Please do share this message with your friends and family and together we shall cover the earth with The Truth.

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