Unlock your Gift and Greatness, and Fulfill your Purpose & Destiny

Would you like to Discover Biblical Keys to Unlock your Gift, Glory and Greatness, and Fulfill your Purpose & Destiny?

-Did you know that your glory, greatness and fulfillment is hidden in your gifts and calling?

This is why, it’s written; a man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men’ – Prov. 18:16

Discovering, understanding and using your God-given Gifts to accomplish the assignments and purpose He delegated you to the earth is one of the greatest experiences, joy, fulfillment and success in life.

If you want to lead a significant and meaningful life and fulfill your purpose and destiny, if you want to lead a glorious, prosperous and fulfilled life please pay attention to the information i want to share with you here. So that you don’t make the mistake I made earlier in life.

I wasted My Precious Time, Money and Resources Studying and Pursuing the Wrong Course and Career that Gave me NOTHING but Stress,  Struggles, Set-Back, Dissatisfaction and Unfulfilment, Until I DISCOVERED and TURNED to my God-Given GIFT and CALLING. Since then I am Experiencing Peace, Joy, Prosperity and Fulfillment in Executing my Assignment and Fulfilling my Purpose and Destiny to the Glory of God!

You will also discover Common and Disastrous Mistakes Most People Make in Life and How to Avoid it and Lead a Successful, Peaceful and Fulfilled Life.
I want to congratulate you because you are on the right page at the right time.

Hi, my name is Pastor Chiugo A. JOSEPHAT, a minister of God by calling and a Digital Media & Leadership Expert by training, a Thought-leader, Bestselling Author and Trainer. The Founder / Chief Servant at The Kingdom Citizens Church and The Founder/CEO., of SSN Solutions

I have released my latest work titled; GIFTED FOR THE ASSIGNMENT is available in eBook and Audio Program. Also, this Friday am hosting KEYS OF THE KINGDOM (an Online Christian Teaching Program i host on FACEBOOK LIVE to share what the Holy Spirit revealed to me through God’s Word that helped me to Discover my Gift and Calling and in Fulfilling my Purpose and Destiny to Save Other People from Making the Same Mistake I Made Earlier in Life.

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Research carried by several leading institutions reveals that one of the major reasons many struggles in life and end up Stressed, Sick, Unhappy and as FAILURES without fulfilling their vision (dreams), assignment (calling) destiny in life is due to IGNORANCE of their God-given gifts, talents and potential and how to unlock and use it to fulfill their purpose and destiny?

Let tell you my STORY

I struggled and failed, and wasted a whole lot of time and money pursuing the wrong course and career earlier in my life, until i came to realize that i was actually pursuing the wrong career and performing the task which I am NEITHER Called, Gifted NOR predestined to do.

Earlier in the journey of my life I was pursuing a career I hate, and was sick and tired of just because somebody else was prospering in it. Then as a younger boy I did not know that God blessed and gifted each of us with different gifts for different purposes and assignments.

A few years day I heard a message on How to Discover my Gift and fulfill Purpose in a church backed up with insightful Bible references validating the truth that each and everyone living on earth is gifted with diverse kinds of gifts and talents.

When I realized this truth I observed I was pursuing the wrong career, I stopped and made a drastic “U” turn and I began to study some Christian books and God’s word on Gifts, Calling and Purposes.

After spending time studying the above materials, the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me my gift, calling and purpose in life.


My Own Gift & Assignment

I discovered that I am called and gifted to teach, preach, inspire and guide people to discover their gifts and fulfill their destiny, to guide mankind to know God more and His Ways, and live the kingdom supernatural life here on earth and at the end makes heaven.

This revelation and understanding of my gift and calling gave birth to The Kingdom Citizens Church, a dynamic ministry the Lord led me to establish.

The Lord put a vision in my heart since when I was a little boy, to preach the gospel and to do it in a particularly unique way; to raise citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth, and teach them what they need to reign on earth as kings and priests and occupy till He returns, and influence and transform the world with the ways, power and glory of God.

Pastor Chiugo executing his assignment

Since I began to serve my gifts to fulfill my assignments, am enjoying my calling and assignment (work), because the Lord backs me up with His Presence and Supernatural supplies, confirming God’s word that ‘In His presence, there is fullness of joy and at His right hand there are pleasures forevermore.

In pursuit of my calling and assignment, i have been preaching the gospel and teaching the Biblical Keys to Discover Gifts and Fulfill Destiny in churches and seminars.

On December 18th, 2012 the Lord through a night vision revealed my calling and assignment and inspired me to write my first book and share all He has revealed to me through the Holy Spirit about How to fulfill our Gifts, Vision, Assignments, Purposes and Fulfillment.

I, therefore have written and released a new eBook and Audio Program, entitled; GIFTED FOR THE ASSIGNMENT to guide you to discover your gifts and calling and fulfill your purpose and destiny.

Truly, it’s not easy to discover and fulfill one’s gift and purpose in life, except through divine revelation and/or guidance by God’s anointed servants based on God’s word, but one you discover and serve your gift to your will surely become great and bring glory and joy to our Lord God.

Available in ebook, Audio Talk & Video Program


To this end, am offering you the opportunity to;

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This week I will be sharing Biblical keys to Unlock your Gift & Greatness and fulfill your Purpose & Destiny as revealed to me by the Holy Spirit which i recorded in the above eBook and Audio program i will be presenting also.

The date is this Friday 22nd, 2020, and is Time: 9:30 pm – 10: 00 pm,

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