It’s Time to Deal With Your Hindrances!

Recently i was counseling a lady in her late thirties and she was lamenting saying to me, Pastor am not happy am not married at my age, am not getting younger and in fact, most of my mates are now married and even my younger sister is married with two kids and am still single. What is really the issue? She asked me.

She went further to say, Pastor the last relationship i had supposed to change my status from a single to a married lady, but it hit the rocks. He further stated, my fiancée then was making arrangements to visit my parents for an introduction and all of a sudden he changed like the weather and stopped calling and visiting me. All efforts to get the relationship cordial proved abortive. It was as if the world has come to an end, after that disappointment another young man came calling and went the same way also. Something is really behind all these she reiterated.

I think there is someone from my family that is working against my marriage diabolically and does not want me to get married. In fact, one prophet confirmed that when I visited him for prayers and counseling, he gave me prayers, and a soap I should be bathing with and assured me that i will get married that year and three years have passed since then and no man is coming close to me talk-less of having any a relationship. Am a beautiful lady and has a good job, and God-fearing and yet no serious relationship. What is going on Pastor? Please, i need me out. She stated with tears in her eyes.

These were the words of the young lady that came to me for counseling and her story is similar to a whole lot other ladies and men that i have counseled. It seems many are in that similar situation of anxiety and despair. I counseled, comforted, encouraged and taught her the will and ways of God concerning marriage and how to deal with the internal and external forces that have been hindering her marriage. And she realized the truth that fateful day and her countenance changed immediately and the sorrow in her heart when she was lamenting vanished and her heart was filled with joy.

What has happened? How come her feeling and mood changed all of a sudden? The answer is the Power in the Word of God. For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart – Heb 4:12 NIV. When you hear God’s word and understand His ways and plan for you and the truth concerning a matter you will be free from lies, worries, anxiety, and despair and be free from the forces of darkness.

Friends, it’s written my people are perishing for lack of knowledge. You need to know the truth and free yourself from the lies. Today, a whole lot of young ladies and men are trading their glory and delaying and sacrificing their marriages and joy on the altar of ungodly lifestyle and immediate gratification.

I found out that most ladies and men that are due for marriage that is not married yet are not married due to spiritual problems but the majority of them still remains in that status because of their character, attitude, ego, fear, unfaithfulness, mindset, lifestyle and social problems.

The Spirit of the Lord has revealed to me some mind-blowing truths from God’s word to administer to the singles on how to deal with their hindrances and lead a glorious life. And since i got the revelation (the Rhema) i have not rested, i have been going about teaching and sharing the truth with any single i come across.

I have been hosting the SINGLES BREAKTHROUGH SEMINAR and the testimonies we have recorded is driving us to reach more people and keep the light shining.

SINGLES BREAKTHROUGH SEMINAR is a quarterly program designed for singles to come together to fellowship, worship, discover and learn the will of God concerning marriage and also call forth the bone of their bones to manifest and their glory and celebration to begin to manifest. To this end, am inviting you to this seminar. It also serves a platform for Singles to connect, interact and fellowship with each other.

Features: Worship, Word of Wisdom, Prays and Liberation, Interactive Session (questions and Answers Session), Salvation and Fellowship (Divine Connection).

You don’t want to miss this one, as its loaded, after this program you will discover the truth and the truth shall make your free from every Satanic power covering your glory and you will receive the wisdom and power to deal with your internal and external hindrances in Jesus name.

Date: March 23, 2019

Time: 11: 00 am – 1:30 pm

Venue: HEAVENLY CITIZENS CHURCH, 8b, Oyeyemi Street, Oyeyemi B/Stop, Off Akute – Ajuwon, Lagos

Admission is FREE

Ministering: Pastor Chiugo Tony JOSEPHAT & Anointed Ministers of GOD

Pastor Chiugo A. JOSEPHAT, is a dynamic teacher of God’s word with in-depth understanding of the kingdom and on a mission to raise Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth; one of his special mandates is to reach out, comfort, inspire and empower the youths to fulfill their God-given vision and purpose, and guide singles to deal with hindrances to their marriages, joy and glory and overcome rejection and anxiety.


To attend the seminar you need to book your seat; and to do that you either;

-Text Your Name and Location Via SMS Or WhatsApp To – 0806-829-6897

For Enquiries, please call: WhatsApp: 0806-829-6897, Tel: 0812-871-2390

Email: hcc@thekingdomcitizens.org

Web: www.thekingdomcitizens.org

NOTE: The hall can contain a limited number of people and there are about 27 seats left and the earlier you indicate that you will attend and book a seat, the better chance you stand to be part of this life-transforming and rare seminar.

Show some love, please do share this message with any single lady or guy you know. And the Lord can use you to transform the life of someone through this program.

Together we can make glorious and predestined things to happen.


Jesus Christ is the Way, The Truth and the Life!


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