Unlock Gifts, Unleash Potentials, Fulfill Destiny get a Copy of Gifted for the Assignment eBook, Audio & Video Program

Unlock Gifts, Unleash Potentials, Fulfill Destiny get a Copy of Gifted for the Assignment eBook, Audio & Video Program

Gifted for the Assignment – Biblical Keys to Discover your Gifts, Clarify your Vision, Accomplish your Assignment and Fulfill your Destiny

-Did you know that your greatness is hidden in your gifts?

This is why it’s written; a man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men’ – Prov. 18:16

Understanding and using your God-given gifts to accomplish the assignment God delegated you to the earth to fulfill is one of the greatest experiences and successes in life.

If you want to live a meaningful life and fulfill your destiny, in other words, if you want to lead a glorious, prosperous and fulfilled life please pay attention to this article.

I want to share a secret with you that tuned my life around, as well as that of others that are in the know of this secret.

Before we dive into that I have a few questions for you;

-Are you experiencing joy, satisfaction, peace and fulfillment in the career or business you are pursuing or Do you hate the job or business you are into and feel stressed by it?

-Do you know that stress kills and it’s the cause of many health problems?

-Are you working hard in your career and business and yet nothing is working and you are wondering if this is really what you are gifted or called to do?

-Do you know that everyone living on earth is endowed with a special and unique gift by the Almighty God to accomplish a particular assignment and purpose, yet many die without discovering their gifts, talk-less of fulfilling their destiny?

-Do you know that when you discover your gifts and are pursuing your purpose and assignment, you will start experiencing peace, joy, satisfaction and all-round prosperity?

In view of the foregoing, if you are interested to discover your gifts, accomplish your assignment and fulfill your destiny.

I have good news for you.

The good news is that the Lord God through the Holy Spirit has revealed to me Biblical Keys the believers need to uncover and unlock their gifts and fulfill their assignment and destiny on earth. And I have a divine mandate to share it with you.

Several types of research reveal that one of the major reasons many struggles and failures in life without discovering their gifts, accomplishing their assignment nor fulfilling their destiny in life is due to ignorance.

Watch this short video for a better understanding

I have been there!

Many years ago i struggled and failed in many careers i tried until i came to realized that i have been pursuing and performing the task am NEITHER gifted NOR predestined to do.

However, since i discovered my gifts and strengths, and start using it to perform the assignment my Lord God endowed and assigned me to do, my life turned around for good.  I began to experience joy, satisfaction and fulfillment, peace and prosperity in my career and life.

Today, i see a whole lot of people going through what i went through some years back struggling, stressing and wasting their precious time, energy and resources pursuing what they are NEITHER gifted, assigned NOR called to do, as a result, they are unhappy, frustrated, stressed, confused, impoverished, sick and tired of the career and life itself.

In My Own Case

For instance, i discovered that am called and gifted to teach, preach, inspire and guide people to discover their gifts, accomplish their assignment and fulfill their destiny, and live the kingdom life of glory and dominion here on earth and at the end make heaven.

In pursuit of this divine assignment, i have been committed to preaching and teaching; Biblical Keys to Discover Gifts and Fulfill Assignments and Destiny.

The Lord inspired me to write in a book all He has revealed to me through His Spirit and I have written and released a Book, Video and Audio Program to help and guide the people of God on this very important subject in life, as it’s not easy to discover and understand one’s gift and assignment nor to fulfill destiny, except through the revelation of the Holy Spirit and through God’s word and teaching by His anointed servants.

To this end am offering you the opportunity to claim a free copy of my latest work, titled: GIFTED FOR THE ASSIGNMENT  -Biblical Keys to Discover your Gifts, Clarify your Vision, Accomplish your Assignment and Fulfill your Destiny.

It’s available in eBook, Video and Audio Message.

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NOTE: This complimentary (Free) copy is available to the first 50 people. Once the first 50 people claim their copy we shall pull down this page.




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