How to Be Different and Standout in 2020 and in the New Decade!

How to Be Different and Standout in 2020 and in the New Decade!

This year be crystal clear on what you want and believe you can accomplish it with God and your commitment.

And ask your self these questions;

-Who do I need to become to achieve the vision and goals i have written and set for the year and the decade?

-Who do I need to enable me to achieve the goals?

-What do I need to know and what skills do I need?

-What must I learn, relearn and unlearn, and what should i start, continue or stop doing this year to accomplish my vision, achieve my goals and fulfill my dreams, assignment and purpose?

Please ask your self these soul-searching questions after worshipping and praying and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, and think, meditate and answer the above questions and take notes of the answers you receive and start from where you are.

If you follow these instructions sooner than later the world will hear your testimonies and see your glory in Jesus Christ’s name Amen!

Now, the holidays are over and its time to start working towards your vision, start designing and implement a blueprint of the kind of life you want to lead.

Set goals that will lead you to actualize the vision God has put in your heart, and take steps of faith and God’s grace shall suffice for you, and in so doing you shall fulfill your assignment and purpose in a grand style.

I see kings coming to your rising in Jesus’s name Amen!

It’s your turn to #reign

Do share with your friends and together we shall make a difference.

As inspired by the Holy Spirit through His vessel,

Chiugo Anthony JOSEPHAT
Lead Pastor
The Kingdom Citizens Church
….. raising kings manifesting God’s glory

Jesus Christ is the King of kings



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