Engaging the Power of Fasting & Praying

Engaging the Power of Fasting & Praying

Moses, Elijah and Jesus Christ all fasted for 40 days and nights, no wonder they were anointed by God with Holy Ghost and Power and did exploits during their earthly ministries.


This New Year and new decade you need the strength of the Lord to accomplish all you have set out for the year and to overcome all the works of the enemy.

You got to start it with worship which attracts God’s presence and so He shall go ahead of you into the year/decade and make the crooked places straight. And fasting and praying is one of the ways we worship God Almighty in Spirit and truth, for our God seeketh such worshippers – John 4: 23.


God tells us through His word, ‘that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God – Matt 4:4. We need to know that as we feed the physical man with physical food, we also need to feed the Spirit man more with spiritual food. A lot of folks are healthy physically, but sick, weak and malnourished spiritually and it’s more dangerous because the spirit controls the physical. That is why many people are vulnerable and exposed to attacks from the camp of the devil.


We need to be strong in the Lord Brethren, and feeding and meditating on God’s word, worshipping and waiting on the Lord God through fasting and praying, and exercising our faith are very necessary for us to build our spiritual muscle (power) to overcome the forces of darkness and manifest our dominion mandate.


The Nature of Man


Man is a Spirit, he has a soul and lives in the body, the body is the servant (slave) given to serve the spirit-man, but today the servant (the flesh) is the one in-charge and ruling in the lives of many people due to ignorance. It’s an error or should i say it’s like placing the cart before the horse.


A lot of people today are nourishing their flesh while starving their spirit man and it’s an error. See – Daniel 11: 6-7.


We therefore need to check-mate the flesh and dethrone it and enthrone the Spirit-man by fasting and praying so the Spirit of God in us shall to take charge and take back our place in the kingdom.

Here are some benefits of fasting and praying;


  1. It awakens, activates and recharges our Spirit to connect and hear from God – Daniel 10:1-10
  2. It draws God’s attention and divine intervention – Daniel 10: 10-14
  3. It breaks bondage and links connecting one to the manipulations of the devil.


……To be continued tomorrow watch out and the truth you shall discover shall blow your mind and direct you on the right path this year and decade.


-This year is loaded with great and glorious blessings, but you need to fast and pray to take delivery of it. Lest it be aborted or truncated by the agents of darkness that are at war with the saints.


Likewise, there are a lot of challenges and arrows from the pit of hell targeted to kill, steal and destroy God’s people, and fasting and praying shall proof and fortify you and yours from the vicious attacks of the enemy and open up to relate and hear clearly from God.


Join Our 21-Day Fasting & Praying From January 6th – 27th, 2020 and trust the Lord for one thing you want. And you will testify in Jesus name!


Let us pray;


  1. Heavenly Father, give me the grace to wait on you in fasting and praying these season in Jesus name


  1. Father Lord, break every stronghold of the enemy in my life, family, career, business, and marriage in Jesus name
  2. My Lord and my God, because Jesus Christ has paid the price on my behalf, i, therefore, i cancel every curse and negative word pronounced against my life, family, career and glory in Jesus name!


…Pray these prayers where ever you are now and do share this post with your friend and well-wishers.


Also, you can join us to pray in the Midnight from 12:00 am within this period of fasting and praying from January 6th – 27th, 2020.


May God grant the great desires of your heart in Jesus name, Amen!


As revealed by Holy Spirit through His Vessel,



Lead Pastor

The Kingdom Citizens Church


……raising kings, manifesting God’s glory




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