Dominion Mandate Conference

Dominion Mandate Conference

*Keys to Fulfilling the Dominion Mandate* 


Do you know that God created the earth as an extension (branch) of heaven, and deposited His eternal and supernatural life in man, and blessed and commissioned him (you) to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it and have dominion over everything on earth?



In other words, He delegated mankind (you) to the earth rein and rule, to bring the glory and abundance of heaven to the earth through His Spirit that resides in you.



Do know that God Has planted his seed of greatness in you (this earthen vessel called man, and it your responsibility to discover, and maximize that seed to bear fruits in all departments of life to the glory of God?


Do you know how to apply the dominion mandate principle in your life; how to discover the seeds of greatness the Most High God has planted in you, nurture it to yield bountiful fruits, and how to multiply the fruits, and replenish and subdue the earth with it to the glory of the Lord, and in so doing fulfill the dominion mandate?


This is an amazing revelation from the Holy Spirit, and it will blow your mind and transform your life to begin to dominate in all spheres of life.



All these and many more we shall be discussing and implementing at this year’s-



(A 4-day Revival and Restoration programme featuring Teachings, Liberation, Prophecy and Healing Sessions and Salvation and Restorations as 3 anointed ministers of God ministers to us.)


Theme: *Be Fruitful!*


Get ready for an outpouring of the Spirit to manifest your sonship, as we round up our 21 Nights of Glory Prayer Summit with this 4-Day Revival and Restoration Programme.


Note: Come fasting, with your prayer points, and with your work tool (instrument you work with), as it shall be blessed and anointed to yield bountiful harvest as instructed by Lord.


And you shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living in this season of Overflowing Harvest in Jesus Name, Amen!


*Date: August 12 -15, 2021


*Place* : Christkingdom Citizens Ministries, 3, Baale Street, Olori B/Stop, Akute via Ojodu, Lagos


*Online* : You can also join online: www.facebook.com/heavenlycitizensmission


*Time* : Thursday 8:00 am, Friday & Saturday 6:00 pm, Sunday 8:30 am


*Ministering* : Apostle CA Josephat (Host), Prophet Victor Oluwaseun Johnson, and Apostle Paul Beye


Don’t miss this Dominion Mandate Conference as you will discover the truth that will make you free, and launch out to begin to manifest your so ship and to dominate in all departments of life.


For your dominion,


Christkingdom Citizens Ministries

For enquiries or counseling, call; 0810-159-7550, 0806-829-6897



….raising kings and priests, manifesting God’s glory and power



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