13 Proven Steps to a Glorious, Fruitful and Fulfilling 2020 and Decade!

13 Proven Steps to a Glorious, Fruitful and Fulfilling 2020 and Decade!
Hey Folks,


We thank God for yet another 365 days credited in our individual accounts on January 1st, 2020, as you know time is the raw material which the Lord God has given to mankind to create, build, accumulate and accomplish whatever he needs or desires on the earth.


Everyone on earth receives a credit of 24 hours daily and what you make of it is up to you. No wonder, it’s written that God is rich to everyone that calls upon him and applies the principles that govern different aspects of life, be it spiritual, material, financial, mental or social departments of our lives.


God’s word tells us in the book of Psalm 90:12, ‘ So teach us to number our days that we shall apply our hearts unto wisdom’

In view of the above passage of the Bible, we learn that we need to reflect on the previous year and number (plan) to make most of the days in the current one.


Here are my recommendations of the 13 Proven Steps that will lead you to a Glorious, Fruitful and Fulfilling 2020, I have tested and proven these principles and it’s certain and predictable as the day and night if you adhere to it.


Step 1: Relate, Worship and Fellowship with your Creator

Step 2: Write your Vision and Set Goals

Step 3: Identify your God-given Gifts and Assignment and Fulfil it

Step 4: Live By Faith and Not By Sight

Step 5: Budget and Manage your Time & Resources

Step 6: Build or Work With a Team or Have a Mentor

Step 7: Acquire and/or Leverage Digital Skills & Tech

Step 8: Be Purposeful, Diligent and Disciplined in whatever you do

Step 9: Don’t depend on a Single Income Stream (Build another one)

Step 10: Exercise your Body and Mind Daily (Physical & Mental Fitness)

Step 11: Engage in Personal Development (Consume Books, the Bible, Audio and Video Programs that will bring out the best in you daily)

Step 12: Empower and help other people in any way you can

Step 13: Focus on Solving One or Two Problems in your Area of Interest

Friends, these are the steps the Holy Spirit put in my heart to follow this year, and am inviting you to join me on this journey and after the first half by the end of June 2020, we shall share what we have accomplished using these principles. Its a fun and educative platform.


If you are interested to get more detailed information on the 13 Proven Steps to a Glorious, Fruitful and Fulfilling 2020, I have written a 6 paged Report in PDF format that contains; My Full Message and Recommendations for the year 2020, and the detailed breakdown of each of the 13 Proven Steps and you can download it free of charge in the group stated below.

You can claim a Free copy of the 13 Proven Steps to a Glorious, Fruitful and Fulfilling 2020 REPORT in PDF, when you fill out the form below.

Also, I will start a FREE training program on these subjects every week; The 13 Proven Steps to a Glorious, Fruitful and Fulfilling 2020, Vision & Goals Actualization, Digital Skills & Digital Media Bootcamp and Thriving Online Business Models & Opportunities Turning Ordinary People to Millionaires Mentorship all will be unveiled and facilitated in both our WhatsApp and Facebook Groups from January 10th, 2020.


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PS: This year 2020 I am reducing the time I invest in my business to focus on my ministry and to give back to society and empower others. Meaning i am on a mission to raise at least 100 Millionaires before the end of the first half of 2020 (June 2020).


I will empower and train them to master the Digital Skills and Digital Business Models that enabled me to achieve Financial and Time Freedom, and how they can also leverage the skill to build their own Digital Business.

That is not all….

I will also teach them; Kingdom Principles of Wealth Creation. All these values am offering free of charge. So what are you waiting for?


Ready to make the most of the year 2020?


Oya…..Let’s connect and roll.


I remain your friend and Life/Biz Coach,


Lead Pastor

The Kingdom Citizens Church



Founder/Chief Digital Strategist,

SSN Solutions











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