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There is an Oil Well in your House

(a Leadership and entrepreneurial Empowerment Program of Christ Kingdom)

In the book of 2 Kings 4: 1-7 the indebted and financially distressed widow, (the wife of a late servant of God) was in a situation and don’t know what to do because the creditor whom her late husband owed money came to take her two sons to become bondmen (slaves) in exchange for the debt.

Can you imagine this kind of situation?

The woman just lost her husband and is probably still in a sober mood mourning, there comes the creditor requesting she must pay the debt owed by her husband or her sons shall be released in exchange for the debt.

Thank God she made the right decision, instead of seeking help where there is no real and lasting help; she resolved to seek the face of God through His anointed servant Elisha.

As a result the Lord intervened in her case, opened her eyes of understanding, and pointed her to discover the oil well that has been lying dormant in her house, which she did not know the value nor how to explore it until the Lord through His servant pointed her to see it.

And showed her how to explore the oil (the treasure) that have been in her house all these while, and how to multiply, package, and market it.

You see, a whole lot of believers are in financial, physical, spiritual or social distress now, but many don’t know how to engage the kingdom principles that command supernatural intervention.

Many are engaging trial and error method, trying to fix it their way yet they are not making headway.


Here is the Key:

One thing I have learned from God through His Word and His Spirit is that one word of instruction and direction is all we need to make a difference in our lives; to provoke supernatural intervention and the miraculous manifestations. And most times God conveys that message to us through His anointed vessels.

I do hear some people say, I can pray in my house and I can read the Holy Bible on my own and understand it. Yes, you can and you should be praying and reading the Bible on your own, but you need the counsel and teaching of an anointed minister of God, whom God can use to reveal His word to you from another point of view, and to point you to the hidden treasure (the Oil Well in your House)

If you want to figure everything out by yourself you might be sleeping and waking up with an oil well within you and within your reach, and yet you might not discover nor see the value in it nor know how to explore, multiply, package, market and monetize it like the financially distressed widow we read her story until God instructed her what to do through Elisha.

The Assignment

To this end, the Spirit of the Lord has inspired me to teach and guide as many that care to know how to explore, discover, refine, produce, package, multiply, market and monetize the oil in their house (the treasure in an earthen vessel) to pay off their debt, create value and wealth, fulfill their calling and purpose, and leave a legacy.

The Program

There is an Oil Well in your house is a program the Lord inspired me to host to impart Biblical knowledge and kingdom wealth creation principles to believers; to inspire, motivate and point believers to discover the treasure within them  as the Lord used Prophet Elisha to instruct the indebted and distressed widow to discover the oil well in her house in the book of 2 Kings 4:1-7.

It’s a word-based life-transforming, inspiring, revealing, and insightful teaching and empowerment program designed to impart kingdom principles to provoke supernatural breakthrough and creative miracles in the lives of the people of God.

In the course of this inspiring and life-transforming program, I will be releasing and imparting you with all that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me to enable believers to discover and maximize the oil in their house.

Peradventure you are indebted, jobless or in a situation that needs to break through any form of resistance or needs urgent attention like the widow, we read her story. This program is for you.

I glad to announce to you that the Lord has sent me as He sent Elisha to instruct and guide you to discover and multiply the oil in your house.

The program will enable you to;

-         Discover the oil well in your house (the treasure in an earthen vessel)

-         Understand what your house entails in this context and how to explore the treasure in it

-         How to engage the power of God to multiply that oil in your house

-         Understand and engage the kingdom principle to package, brand, and market it

-         How to draw from the infinite resources and wealth of the kingdom

-         How to engage this principle to create value and wealth, and become influential and fulfill your dominion mandate

-         How to enforce your breakthrough to manifest in all ramifications

-         How to create whatever you want

-         And many more

My Story

Few years ago a business I ventured into crashed and I was indebted and financially distressed like the aforementioned widow. I listened to a message by an anointed vessel of God, and through that teaching I got inspiration and instruction from the Lord which led me to discover, multiply and package the Oil Well in my House and it generated a huge income and a breakthrough which the Lord used to blessed and establish me.

When the Holy Spirit revealed this kingdom principle to me, I shouted in amazement, and since then I have been applying it in every department of my life, and my life has transformed tremendously.

To this end, the Lord inspired and assigned me to share these kingdom principles with as many that are interested.

I, therefore invite you to join and follow me as I embark on this teaching program every week.

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About the Visionary

Pastor Chiugo A. JOSEPHAT, is an anointed minister of the gospel of the kingdom with exceptional Evangelism, Healing, Teaching, and Writing grace and gifting.  He has a divine mandate to raise kings and priest (citizens of the kingdom of Christ) on earth and prepare them for heaven. He is called not only to preach the salvation gospel of the kingdom, but also to impart and empower believers with technology and entrepreneurial skills they need to occupy the earth and fulfill their dominion mandate.  Hence he established SSN DigiTech Academy, the platform he uses to teach and empower people with leadership and entrepreneurial skills they need to occupy and dominate the earth for Christ.

He is the Lead Messenger and Pastor of Christ Kingdom (a young dynamic ministry based in Lagos, but reaching, reviving, and impacting the world through Digital Media, Digital Publishing and His Books & Contents. He is the founder of Issachar Lineage Leadership Intervention, and other thriving enterprises.


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See you in the program, and together we shall shine the glorious gospel of Christ, as we occupy and dominate the earth till Jesus Christ comes.


For your edification to fulfill your dominion mandate,


Pst. Chiugo Anthony JOSEPHAT

Lead Messenger & Pastor,

Christ Kingdom

....raising kings and priests, manifesting God's glory and power


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