My Encounter with Our Lord Jesus Christ & His Assignment!

My Encounter with Our Lord Jesus Christ & His Assignment!

A revelation of what our Lord Jesus showed me in a vision (trance) about His Second Coming, and what He Directed Me and You to Do to Live the Kingdom Life Here and Hereafter!

The Assignment!

-Raise citizens of the kingdom of Heaven on the earth to manifest the gift, the glory and power of God and transform the world with the word, the wisdom and the ways of Heaven.

The Encounter

Sunday, December 18th, 2012 is a day I will never forget in my lifetime. It is the day I had an encounter with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the day He showed me how it will look like the day He returns back. On that fateful day in the wee hours of the morning, I woke up around 4:00 am to prepare for church and I observed that it’s still very early.

Then I was serving as a minister at The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Glory Sanctuary Parish, Lagos Province 50.

In RCCG workers meeting starts every Sunday by 7: 00 am; that’s when workers meet to pray and discuss how to advance the kingdom of God on earth.

On that fateful Sunday morning when I woke from sleep I observed that it’s still very early, I then decided to lay back on the bed to wait till 6:00 am to arise and dress up for church. While lying on the bed waiting to arise and dress up for church I fell into a trance and saw in a night vision people running up and down on our streets and the scene was a chaotic one, I saw the people were shouting in fear and trembling ‘’Jesus has come ooh! Jesus has come oh!! These they were shouting.

In that vision, the daylight turned dark and I saw people trembling in fear. As I looked towards the sky I saw a face like that of the son of man (Jesus Christ shining like the sun and his eyes was like a flaming fire.

I as beheld it I observed His face was moving around in a circle on the sky as if he is surveying the whole people living on earth. After a few minutes, He withheld His face and the next thing I saw on the sky is a wine glass cup and the content is like a precious stone glittering like a diamond. And after a few minutes, the picture of the wine glass was cup was withdrawn.

I then woke up and was amazed and frightened by what the Lord showed me. I then went to the Lord in prayer to reveal the meaning of the vision He showed me while praying the Holy Spirit interpreted the vision to me, thus;

‘That our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and has surveyed the whole world to see if the people are ready for Him or not. He found out that many are not ready yet.

He, therefore, showed me how a lot of people will be caught unaware, unprepared, surprised and frightened the day He will return back as I saw in the vision.

I also understand that the glass cup with something like a diamond in it means that He has chosen me as a vessel and has deposited His Kingdom (Supernatural) Life in me and has anointed and gifted me as a vessel to use in the end time harvest.

He has awakened, revealed and commissioned me to go and tell the world what He showed me and ask them to get ready for His second coming.

Pastor Chiugo calling and inspiring the world

The Assignment!

-Raise citizens of the kingdom of Heaven on the earth to manifest the gift, the glory and power of God and transform the world with the word, the wisdom and the ways of Heaven. 

After that revelation and encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ through the vision (trance) narrated above, I observed that the zeal, the fire, the power and anointing to preach the gospel of the kingdom of Christ and share what He showed became so intense and uncontrollable.

Since then I began to tell everyone I meet about the vision the Lord showed me and the Lord has been confirming His word with great signs and testimonies.

He assigned me to raise HEAVENLY CITIZENS here on earth to manifest the kingdom life, reign and fulfill the dominion mandate and advance His Kingdom on earth.

To teach them their kingdom rights, privileges, and principles and how to apply it to recover the kingdom lost in the Garden of Eden and lead a glorious kingdom life of dominion on earth.

And at the end reign with Our Lord Jesus Christ in His kingdom, the New Jerusalem forever.

The Ministry 

Furthermore, after that encounter, the Lord inspired and led me to start evangelizing and preaching the gospel of the kingdom in commercial buses and in the streets of Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria. I will board a vehicle and preach the gospel narrating the aforementioned encounter I had with the Lord and a lot of people will surrender their lives to Christ and I will board another and kept preaching the gospel with my story.

From there I began to receive an invitation to share my encounter in churches and at Christian programs.

Thereafter, the Lord inspired me to write and share the encounter and the Biblical Keys to Fruitful and Fulfilling Life in a book, and in December 2014 I released my first book on the kingdom I entitled; 10 Keys to Fruitful & Fulfilled Life.

On the 1st day of January 2015, I started Christ Friends Fellowship; (a Bible Study and Fellowship ministry) in my living room every Saturday morning to Worship, Study God’s Word and have Breakfast together, encourage and support one another. Till date, we still hold the fellowship meeting in my living room and have opened other fellowship centers at home and shops/office of believers in different cities all over the world to the glory of God.

To the glory of God, the aforementioned house fellowship we started at my home a few years ago gave birth to CITIZENS OF THE KINGDOM MISSION aka Heavenly Citizens Church on November 11th, 2018.

Today the aforementioned church is marching on fulfilling the purpose of Christ for His church, preaching the gospel and teaching the principles of the kingdom and manifesting the power and glory of God.

Pastor Chiugo ministering at HEAVENLY CITIZENS CHURCH


The Vision: To raise citizens of the kingdom of Heaven on the earth to manifest the gift, the glory, and power of God and transform the world with the word, wisdom and ways of Heaven.

Through my encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ I learn He called and revealed His second coming to me for me to announce it to the world; to preach the gospel of the kingdom to all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit as mandated in Matthew 28:18-19.

 ‘’But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ’’ – Phil 3:20 NIV

In view of the above passage of the Bible, if you are born of God you are one of the Heavenly Citizens living on earth, even if you are not begotten of God (Citizen of the Kingdom of God) yet, I want to guide you to become one, the way a friend of mine guided and lead me to become a citizen and member of God’s family some years ago. And that has been the wisest decision I have made and the most glorious and joyful experience I have had.

To discover, learn and apply the kingdom principles here on earth to lead a glorious kingdom life and fulfill your dominion mandate on earth you need a teacher and counselor, and God has called and sent me for that purpose; to teach nations about His Kingdom, glory and power.

This is why the message of our Lord Jesus Christ to the world when he started and throughout His ministry on earth is thus; Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand – Matthew 4: 17.

Our Lord Jesus Christ actually came to restore the kingdom glory, privileges and dominion man lost to the devil in the Garden of Eden – Genesis 2: 16-17 & 3:17-19.

In view of the above encounter I had with my Lord Jesus Christ, the Spirit of the Lord has anointed me; to raise Citizens of the Kingdom here on earth; to teach them their kingdom rights, privileges and principles and how to apply it to recover the lost kingdom and lead a glorious kingdom life of dominion on earth.

Hence, I implore you to renew your Kingdom Citizenship by accepting and confessing Christ Jesus as your Lord, and start living by faith and not by sight, and begin to glow in the knowledge of God, His Will, His Power, Glory and Kingdom by studying God’s word and listening to teachings of anointed vessels of God as you fellowship with a living church of God in your city.

However, you can fellowship with us at HEAVENLY CITIZENS CHURCH and/or follow my teachings and programs via the Online Media Platforms and together we shall manifest the divine nature and glory.

I, therefore congratulate for reading this message thus far, it’s a sign that you are keen to know more about God and His Kingdom and to renew your Kingdom Citizenship.

I would be glad to guide, counsel, and pray with you or answer any question you might have to grow in the Lord and manifest His fullness.

You can subscribe to HEAVENLY CITIZENS ONLINE newsletter to receive daily teachings and messages of the kingdom as the Holy Spirit reveals. To subscribe please click this link >>http://thekingdomcitizens.org/born-again/


At HEAVENLY CITIZENS CHURCH we are indeed on a mission to;

To awaken, revive, raise and lead God’s children on earth to renew their kingdom citizenship and be ready for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

– To serve God by fellowshipping, loving, helping and serving each other. 

-To influence and attract souls to the body of Christ by extending God’s love, manifesting the power,  the faith and wisdom of God on earth.

-To raise citizens of the kingdom of heaven on the earth, to colonize (inform, transform and influence) the people of the world with God’s word and the kingdom lifestyle.

-To teach and empower the people of God with the kingdom principles and entrepreneurial skills they need to identify and solve problems in the world, create wealth and fulfill their dominion mandate.

-To support the less-privilege people among us, as we believe the church’s funds are meant for the welfare of the church members and non-members.

-To liberate lives from the shackles of ignorance, sin, poverty and heal all manner of sicknesses through the power of God.

-To raise kings and priests to will replenish, subdue and develop our environment to the glory of God.

-To share God’s Love; reach out, support and empower and show love to all human-kind irrespective of race, religion, color or culture,

– To support the less privileged people via our charity programs and our skills acquisition and empowerment programs (SSN TechNovation Hub).


I believe that apart from the salvation of our souls, every believer also needs economic, financial, mental and social salvation.

I realized am called and empowered to raise great men and women of influence and awaken their entrepreneurial spirit and gifting, and teach them the principles, skills, strategies and technologies they need to create value, solve problems and generate wealth, and lead a glorious, prosperous and fulfilled life.

In other words, am on a mission to teach and guide mankind to fulfill their dominion mandate, and become co-creators with God, and become free from lack, poverty, failure, indebtedness, stagnancy, and modern day slavery.

The Lord inspired me to establish SSN TechNovation Hub; to serve as the Skill Empowerment arm of our ministry; to teach and empower humankind with Entrepreneurial, Vocational and Technology Skills, and Adult Education irrespective of race, religion or nationality to harness emerging skills and opportunities to create value and wealth and become influential and fulfill their mission on the earth.

To this end, I established SSN TechNovation Hub as the Skills Training and Empowerment arm of HEAVENLY CITIZENS CHURCH to offer SKILLS EMPOWERMENT TRAINING PROGRAMS free of charge to members of our church and non-members.


In view of the above vision and mission, our Lord Jesus Christ revealed and assigned to me; am on a mission to fulfill my assignment and to guide you discover and fulfill yours as we occupy and dominate till He returns.

Now, my question is do you have a relationship of fellowship with the Almighty God through His Son (the Word), and with the Holy Spirit?

If, you answer No or you are not sure. I implore you to SURRENDER to Jesus TODAY and let Him REIGN & RULE in your life from this very moment, to do so please say this word of prayer;

Heavenly Father, I come to you today in the name of Jesus Christ! I have sinned against you, please daddy wash me with the precious blood of Jesus. I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins on the cross and on the third day you raised him from the dead.

Give me power over Sin, over Satan and over the Flesh to serve you the living God.

Dear Jesus, I invite you today, come and be my Lord and my God, begin to rule and reign in my life today. In the mighty and glorious name of Jesus Christ, I declare, Amen!

Congratulations! You are now new creature old things have passed away and all things become new.

I, therefore, want to gift you any of these kingdom materials you have chosen (Book, eBook or my Teaching in audio or video format) which will enable you to grow as a new Citizen of the kingdom.

To claim your copy of any of the aforementioned Kingdom Materials, please Click this link >>> www.thekingdomcitizens.org/gifts

Or Call, WhatsApp, Email, Visit or Contact us via any of the contact information below to claim yours free of charge.

For Prayers & Counselling, please call, email, visit us at;

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life


Fellowship with us in any of these programs:

Sundays (Worship Service):  8:30 am – 11:30

Wednesdays (Bible Study) : 6:30 pm – 7:30pm

Thursdays (Deliverance & Breakthrough Prayer) :  8:00 am – 10:00am

3rd Fridays (Night Vigil) : 10: 30 pm – 3:00 am

Last Saturdays (BELIEVERS BUSINESS SEMINAR) : 10:00 am-  3:00am

Counselling: Thursdays 11:00am – 1:00pm


God Has Finished His Part

Remember, God has given you all you need to reign here on earth and hereafter. The provisions are found in His Word. God is faithful and He promises never to leave you nor forsake you.

Yes!  You can depend on Him!  Trust God with your life and you will always be glad you did. I have tested and seen His goodness.

I have shared with you what the Lord showed me in a trance, and the vision and mission He has put in my heart and commissioned (assigned) me to share with all the nations of the world.

Friend, I urge you to renew your Heavenly Kingdom Citizenship and relationship with your Lord God through faith in the finished work of Christ and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Finally, I charge you NOT to forsake the gathering of believers, in order to grow in the knowledge of God’s word, ways, will, and wisdom. Find a living church where undiluted word of God is preached and fellowship with them,

I would like to meet, counsel, pray with you, You can also fellowship with CITIZENS OF THE KINGDOM MISSION aka Heavenly Citizens Church, or follow our ministry through the New Media Platforms listed below and your Spirit, Soul and Body shall be blessed and renewed in Jesus Christ name, Amen!

Your friend,

Pastor Chinweugo Anthony JOSEPHAT

Presiding Minister



Heavenly Citizens Church


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