Living the Supernatural Life by Faith

Living the Supernatural Life by Faith

Keys of the Kingdom with Chiugo JOSEPHAT

Faith positions you to live above the power of the world

Faith is the ability of God in us to see the invisible (Faith deals with what is in existence but not visible yet.

Faith perceives as real facts what is not real as if is real. And it’s more real than what you can see with your physical eyes. John 20:29 – Luke 1:37,

If you believe you release the virtue of God for performance – Rom 4: 17-20

Faith sees what has not been manifested
-Faith deals with what exists but is invisible – 2 Kings 6: 15 – 18
-Fear will not let you see the invisible. The job of fear is to keep you down in the realm of the natural, while the job of faith moves you into the realm of the supernatural.

Engage your faith today, after all, God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, of love and of sound mind.


The Kingdom Citizens
…..raising kings, manifesting the power God


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