Key Principles of True Success and Fulfilment

Key Principles of True Success and Fulfilment

Keys of the Kingdom with Pastor Chiugo

Topic; Key Principles of True Success and Fulfilment

Over the years i have been asking questions, reading books, searching, and researching for the secret of true success and fulfillment.


I have been seeking the right answer to this question; why do very few people become successful, excel and dominate in life and in their career, and attain fulfillment, while most people accomplish little, struggle and live a mediocre life, unfulfilled, and dissatisfied?


Is it the will of God for everyone to succeed and prosper in life? If yes, why is it that most people to succeed, prosper, and lead a glorious, happy, and fulfilled life?


I am glad to announce to you that i have found the answers, i discovered that there is one universal, constant, biblical and infallible key principle of true success, joy, and fulfillment.


And i want to share it with you straight away without much ado, and also show you one or two ways you can apply these keys of the kingdom in your life if you want to lead a successful, glorious, and fulfilled life here and hereafter.


Trust me if you apply these key principles your life will transform beyond your wildest expectations and you will begin to manifest true success, dominion,  peace, joy, fruitfulness and fulfillment in all ramifications of your life.

Chiugo Anthony Josephat


Remember, you have a dominion mandate from Christ to fulfill, to occupy, and take charge till He comes don’t settle for anything less.


Now, fasten your seat belt as we take off to explore some of these key principles we can cover each day and we continue to explore the Keys of the Kingdom every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday do join us live and follow the teaching and you will live to cherish it;


These ultimate key principles for true success and fulfillment are true and timeless;


  1. 1. KNOW AND WORSHIP THE LORD THY GOD; Know, Relate, Worship and Trust in the Lord God, in His Word, His Ways and His Works – John 4:23-24, Phil 3:7-8


  1. DISCOVER AND USE YOUR GIFT FOR HIS GLORY: Discover your gifts and purpose, and what you are assigned (called) and gifted to do, and do it with all your might to glorify the Lord your God – Jeremiah 1:5, Proverbs 18:16


  1. HAVE A UNIQUE VISION; Have a clear and unique vision on how to make a difference in what you are called to do – Habk 2:2


  1. ACQUIRE NEW SKILLS: Acquire the skills you need to excel in your calling and career – Dan 1:4, Exodus 31:2-5


  1. BUILD A SYSTEM; Build a system and a team to leverage and enable you to accomplish your dreams and purpose faster and smarter – Acts 6:3


  1. BE DISCIPLINED; Be Disciplined and Diligent and give all it takes to make your calling and election sure – Matt 16:24


  1. LIVE BY FAITH; Take leaps of faith and live by faith and not by sight (your senses) – Heb 11:1-6, 2 Corinth 5:7


The foregoing are a few of the key principles, we shall discuss and dissect each day in the coming days you to explore mind-blowing kingdom keys of Success and Fulfilment.


Friends, if you understand these principles and apply them diligently, your life will surely become glorious and prosperous, fruitful and fulfilled, and shall fulfill your dominion mandate.


I am glad to share with you that my own assignment is to teach, inspire, and guide you to discover, apply, and master these principles to fulfill your dominion mandate.


Hence, i, therefore, invite you to join the WhatsApp and Facebook group, and also like and follow my Facebook and Instagram pages, so you don’t miss any of the posts and videos i share daily.


You shall know the truth (revelation knowledge) and the truth shall make you free.


Feel free to share this and together we shall liberate the world from the shackles of ignorance.




Chiugo Anthony JOSEPHAT, is an anointed minister of the gospel of the kingdom with exceptional healing, teaching and writing gifts and grace. He is the Messenger and Pastor of Christ Kingdom (a young dynamic ministry based in Lagos but reaching and impacting the world through the Digital Media and his posts and books.

For your edification to fulfill your dominion mandate,


Pst. Chiugo Anthony JOSEPHAT

The Messenger,

Christ Kingdom

….raising kings and priests, manifesting God’s glory and power


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