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The Trance, the Divine Mandate

The Trance, the Divine Mandate

On July 1st, 2021 around 3:00 am I had a revelation from the Lord through a trance. This is not a dream but a trance because I was half awake when the Spirit of the Lord began to speak to me in about the 5 evil spirits rampaging the youths.

In that revelation through a trance the Spirit of the Lord, said to me the youths of this generation need to be cautioned and called to order to avoid following the wrong way.

He said there are 5 evil spirits from the pit of hell that has been unleashed to cage, enslave, kill, steal, and destroy the gifts, glory and greatness of the youths of this generation and lead them to hell.

He proceeded to enumerate these evil spirits rampaging the youths as; 1. spirit of Gambling (Sports Betting etc), 2. spirit of Lies and Deception (Love Scam), 3. spirit of Clubbing, 4. spirit of Alcoholism, and 5. spirit of Sexual Immorality.

He went on to say that parents and the church should pray and take actions to tame these youths now before it’s too late. That these evil spirits are indeed influencing and manifesting in most of the youths these days.

When I awake I began to think about all He said and I realized they are the truth and the spirits that are indeed manifesting in most of the youths in Nigeria today.

After that revelation and instructions from the Holy Spirit, I spent time in His presence to pray and ponder on what He revealed to me and what He wants me to do.

He dropped it in my heart to host a Youth Excel Programme to share what He revealed to me, and invite other ministers of the Lord to join me to deal with the evil spirits behind those habits and lifestyles through Deliverance, Teaching, Prayers, Filmshow, Gifts Discovery Contests, Inspirational, Opportunities and skill Empowerment programme.

In response to this divine mandate, we are hosting Youth Excel Summit (YES); a 5-Day Revival, Re-Orientation and Skills Empowerment Programme for the youths.

He reminded how Daniel and the Jewish youths taken to Babylon were recorded to be 10 Times Better that other youths in Babylon.

Hence, the theme of the Summit: 10 Times Better!

The Objective

The programme provides the platform to minister Revival, Restoration, Deliverance, Healing, Re-orientation, Inspiration for Innovation, Gifts Discovery & Development (Talent Hunt), Digital Tech Skills Empowerment, and Opportunities to the Kingdom youths to be 10 Times Better than those of the world.

Who Should Attend?

This programme is non-denominational meaning any youth from any church and even Non-Christians can attend, especially those between the age of 12 ~ 45 years, classified as youths.

Why You must Attend?

This programme is loaded with life-transforming programs, you willl;

Discover Biblical Keys to Become 10x BETTER; arise and shine your light in this dark world as a youth to the glory of God.

Through the Deliverance session; You will be liberated from any of the aforementioned evil spirits manifesting in your life.

In the Seminar session; You will Discover your Gifts and Calling, and fulfill your Purpose

The Gifts Discovery Contest (Talent Hunt) avails you and other youths the platform to showcase your gifts and minister in Songs, Dancing, Drama, Writing, and in Word (in any of these 5 Fold ministry; Apostles, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists or Prophets).

The winners that emerge from each of the categories will receive a cash award, and will be mentored and sponsored to develop and launch their Musical Album, publish this Book, Develop their Work or Ministry to the world.

Digital Tech Skills Empowerment; you will learn any of these Digital Tech Skills that are in demand worldwide, and how to use it to gain employment or become self employed, build a business.

There will be different classes on;

Web Designing
Digital Marketing
Online Business
Digital Marketing
Online Importation & E-commerce
Solar and CCTV Installation

These courses will be presented live at the event and via our online course platform free of charge.

Attendees shall choose any course of your choice out of the above at Skills Empowerment Classes.

Study and Work Abroad Opportunity; you will discover skills that are in demand in Canada and Australia, and how to acquire it and get employment and work Permit to work and/or study overseas on sponsorship or scholarships through .

*Above all at the end of the programme you and other youths will receive all you need to occupy and fulfill the dominion mandate, and Influence the world for Christ.

Schedule of Events

You can join at the Church or Online Facebook Live

For more details and to attend the sessions or participate in the Gifts Discovery Contests please visit;


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Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life!


October 1, 2021



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