Did you know the No.1 Skill Successful People and Organizations Have in Common?

People who Master and Leverage this Skill Never Struggle in Life, Career or Business!


Watch this 5 minutes video and read this to the end and discover this skill and how to harness it.


Hi, my name is Pastor C.A. Josephat-Nwokolo, am a Minister of the Gospel by Calling, an Entrepreneur by Gifting and a Digital Marketing & IT Professional by training.


I am the Presiding Minister at HEAVENLY CITIZENS CHURCH aka  Citizens of the Citizens Mission www.thekingdomcitizens.org

The Founder/Chief Digital Strategist at SS DIGITAL SOLUTIONS www.strategicsolutions.com.ng

The Founder/Chief Servant at COMPLETE SUCCESS PLATFORM www.completesuccesstv.com

And the Founder/Principal Partner at SSN TechNovation Hub www.strategicsolutions.com.ng



I believe that apart from salvation of our souls we also need economic, financial, mental and social salvation. I realized am called and empowered to raise great men and women of influence and awaken their entrepreneurial spirit and gifting, and teach them the principles, skills, strategies and technologies they need to create value, solve problems and generate wealth, and lead a glorious, prosperous and fulfilled life.


In other words, am on a mission to teach and guide mankind to fulfill their dominion mandate, and become co-creators with God, and be free from lack, poverty, failure, indebtedness, stagnancy, and modern day slavery.



Today, i see a whole lot of believers and unbelievers living in lack, abject poverty, shame, stagnancy, obscurity and failure. Why, because of Lack of Knowledge and Lack of Skills.


No wonder, it’s written my people are perishing for lack of knowledge.

I discovered that poverty and lack is one of the major causes of untimely death, broken homes, stealing, prostitution and all forms of crimes.


The Lord inspired me to establish SSN TEchNovation Hub; to serve as the Skill Empowerment arm of our ministry; to teach and empower humankind with Entrepreneurial, Vocational and Technology Skills irrespective of race, religion or nationality to harness emerging skills and opportunities to create value and wealth and become influential and fulfil their mission on the earth.


In pursuit of this vision, SSN TechNovation Hub is collaborating with HEAVENLY CITIZENS CHURCH  to host a FREE BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR.




To this end, am hosting a FREE BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR to reveal, teach and empower those that are interested to know the No.1 Skill Successful People Have in Common.


What is this skill?

 I shall reveal this No. Skill at the seminar and in my WhatsApp or Facebook group. This No. Skill is applicable to career and business and if you got that skill you can succeed in life

At the seminar, I shall reveal and tech how i applied the skill in DIGITAL MARKETING, ONLINE BUSINESS & NETWORK MARKETING to create wealth and achieve financial and time freedom with shoe-string capital.


Theme: Harnessing Emerging Opportunities, Digital Skills & Strategies to Create Value and Wealth in the Digital Age!



Are you a Business Owner, Manager, Marketer, Networker or are you an Employee, Self-Employed or Unemployed Person?


Are you looking for Digital Strategy you can leverage to grow your business or a High-Income Skill you can leverage to start and drive a profitable online or offline business with shoe-string capital, generate steady and extra income, and attain financial and time freedom?


If, yes, I am inviting you to come and how to create Value and Wealth leveraging; Digital Marketing, Online Businesses, and Network Marketing

At the Seminar, you will discover;


Digital Marketing: I will share with you how I acquired Digital Marketing (DM) Skills, became a highly-sought DM Professional and have landed contracts consulting and handling DM campaigns and Social Media for corporate organizations.  And how I started my DM consultancy services with zero capital from the comfort of my home but today I have made a fortune from it consulting for over companies and have a team of Experts working in my company.


You will also discover how I use the Digital Marketing and Social Media strategies to drive traffic and generate huge sales and grow my business and that of my clients.


Online Businesses: I have tried several businesses that failed despite spending a huge amount of money to rent and equip the office/shop and invested a huge amount of money in the business and staff salaries.


However, I started the online business model I run today with nothing but my laptop, access to the internet and shoe-string capital, and today, I have created and offers great value and raked in a fortune from online business.


At the seminar, I will unveil the booming Online Business I started 3 years ago from the comfort of my home and today it generates steady and substantial income every day which enabled me to achieve financial and time freedom.


I now have the time and freedom to fellowship and spend quality time with my God, family and friends and to follow my passion.  One advantage of online business is that it can run on auto-pilot if you got the right products, and deploy the right process, strategy, and system to drive it.


Today, I have built an online business system that works on auto-pilot 24/7 even when am sleeping or on holiday and I want to show you FREE OF CHARGE how I did it if you are interested.


Network Marketing: I applied the Digital Marketing and Online Business Skill to my Network Marketing business and uses it to drive it and it changed the game and in few months of applying it arose to the top leadership position and I now earn a huge passive income from my team.


Before I discovered and applied the skill in the Network Marketing Business, I was struggling with no result until I applied this game changer skills. And today my story has changed from story to glory.


At the seminar I will share with you why you must have a plan B to generate extra income and why you must consider Network Marketing because it’s the fastest and easiest way to own a Business and leverage the People and Process, Strategies and System to generate active and passive income for life.


I will also show you how to leverage Digital Marketing and Online Business to build your team and grow your Network Business exponentially.


I will also show you the best, reliable and most rewarding Network Marketing Company in Nigeria today, the company that enable me to attain financial freedom and I will also guide and teach you how to make it big in the network business.


Friends, these are the 3 businesses i run with the skills I have and these 3 businesses are related and connected to each other and works together.


In fact, you can harness Digital Marketing and use it to drive your Online Business and Network Marketing respectively on auto-pilot.




DATE: Saturday, May 11th, 2019. You can join the seminar on any of the above dates that is convenient for you;

Venue: 8b, Oyeyemi Street, Oyeyemi B/Stop, Off Akute-Ajuwon Road, Lagos

Time: 10:00 am  –  1:00pm

Admission : Free

NOTE: Seating is limited so if you will like to attend you need to register to serve your seat

Host/Facilitator: Pastor C.A.  JOSEPHAT-NWOKOLO & OtherExperts

For enquiries or to reserve your seat please call; 0812-871-2390, 0806-829-6897 or text your NAME and RESERVE MY SEAT to the above numbers.