FREE BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR: How I Bounced Back And Built A Successful Online Business Empire and Actualized My Lifetime Dream After The First Brick-And-Mortar Business I Started Crashed.

FREE BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR:    How I Bounced Back And Built A Successful Online Business Empire and Actualized My Lifetime Dream After The First Brick-And-Mortar Business I Started Crashed.

Discover The Skills, Strategies, and Opportunities Helped Me Escape the Rat Race and Built a Thriving Business that Enabled Me to Achieve Financial and Time Freedom!

On March 21st, 2014 I resigned from a well-paid job I had then and decided to build my own business, like every other person venturing into the business world I was afraid whether the business will succeed or fail, but I summoned courage, took a step of faith and invested all my savings to launch my fist Brick-and-Mortar BUSINESS, the business did not grow the way I anticipated.

In fact, while I was running it I was struggling to pay my staff and rent, and even to meet my responsibilities as husband and father. It was indeed a challenging period for me and after managing it for 2 years the business eventually crashed in 2016.


In this article i shared the skills, strategies and the opportunities that helped me and at the Free Business Empowerment Seminar am hosting this Saturday i will show those that will join us live what i did and how i did it and how anyone that wants to bounce back and create wealth from scratch can do the same. The Lord inspired me to organize this event to teach and empower people free of charge.

When that my first business failed I realized that I need to build another business to sustain my livelihood and that of those who depend on me, and I need to create it very fast to save the situation before it goes out of hand when I was living in a rented apartment and my Landlord then was not listening to stories. The only option i have is to take the bull by the horn and think creatively, work smarter and pray harder.


I learned from one of the business books i read those days that the fastest way to generate revenue, bounce back and create wealth is to start a business one can operate from home and drive with the internet, such as; Service Business, Online Business or Network Business, since one can start any of these businesses from home with zero or little capital and grow and scale it.


One advantage of the afore-mentioned businesses is that you don’t need any qualification, expertise or skill to start any of them.

Pastor C. A. Josephat, founder, SS DIGITAL SOLUTION & Presiding Minister, HEAVENLY CITIZENS MISSION



Armed with this information and motivation from that book, I started looking for a service business I can start from home with shoe-string capital. I came across an advert about a training program on Digital Marketing and Online Business and after considering it I learned that Digital Marketing is a new innovation and one of the emerging business tools and that is in demand worldwide.


I quickly enrolled in the training and after acquiring the skills I registered my company (SS DIGITAL SOLUTIONS) and launched my Digital Marketing Agency and started operating from home offering DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING SERVICES to corporate organizations and individuals.


As i stated above you don’t need any special qualification, expertise or skill to start providing Digital Marketing, likewise Online Business and Networking Business as long as you can use the computer, internet and smartphone, you can start any of the above stated businesses.


Then i was operating from home but marketing my services online, and I less than one month of launching the business I started getting contracts to design and manage Digital Marketing and campaigns for corporate organizations and in less than 3 months I landed 2 Digital Marketing contracts that changed my story to glory and enable me to achieve financial freedom and made most of my dreams come true.


I  expanded my business, rented a big office and employed staff to work with me as I can no longer handle the jobs I get at home all alone because Digital Marketing services are in high demand.


Today, my Company (SS Digital Solutions www.strategicsolutions.com.ng ) is one of the most innovative Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria, the demand for our digital services, such as; Web, Software & Mobile Apps Development, Business Applications, and Process Automation and Digital Marketing Services is increasing daily.


With Digital Marketing Skills, I have built an Online Business which I use to market and sell physical and digital products.

In fact, the products and services I was finding difficult to sell before began to sell like hot cake as a result of the Digital Marketing Strategies applied and Online Adverts I run. As I write this article I have sold a whole lot of my digital and physical products and services, as well as that of my clients.


Hence, I strongly recommend you acquire Digital Marketing Skill because with it you can start your own Digital Marketing Agency as a side-business from home and land big contracts or employment or use it to drive sales and grow your business.

It will interest you to know that Network Business also helped me to bounce back and achieved Financial and Time Freedom after losing my job and my first business crashed. I therefore highly recommend it also. And if you can drive Network Business with Digital Marketing strategies is works perfectly.




Sometime in April 2017, a friend invited me to a Business Opportunity Presentation Seminar hosted by a Network Marketing Company here in Lagos and after the presentation of the business opportunity, I went home thinking about the opportunity and how I can use online marketing to drive it.

I was so excited I could not sleep that night and began to research about Network Marketing and I discovered it’s a billion dollar industry that has changed the life of many through its business model. I learned that I can leverage that business model to earn passive income for life if I could build a team.


I realized that I can leverage my Digital Marketing and Online Business Skills and strategies to drive, promote and grow the network business easily without the stress of going about talking or calling people to join my team or buy the products promoted by the Network company.


The next day I signed up with the Network Marketing Company and i went to drawing board and designed and implemented a Digital Marketing Strategy and I launched an Online Business Model and System I now use to create awareness, drive traffic, generate leads and recruit members, as well as market and sell the products even when I am sleeping or on holidays.


The online strategy and system i implemented changed the game for me and my team members and today i have built a team of over 5, 000 people and i earn a huge and steady amount of commission daily and weekly from the shoe-string capital, time and online marketing system i invested in a few years ago.

This business model really helped me to bounce back and achieve time and financial freedom. It’s indeed the business of the 21st century; as it’s the easiest way to own a business without renting nor furnishing an office nor worry about paying salaries and other overhead expenditures. I also recommend it for anyone that wants to create be financially free.


Today, by the grace of God i have built 3 Thriving Businesses (Digital Marketing Agency, Online Business and Network Marketing Business) that are generating good money for me day in day out even when i don’t work the system  and the team i have built works for me (that is what is called financial Freedom). Because i took action learned the skills, invested time, energy and resources in the right opportunities as they emerged and launched out by faith.


The skills i acquired really helped me to achieve financial and time freedom as i now live the life of my dreams, am happy and fulfilled as i now work smarter leveraging digital skills and strategies that work 24/7.


As a result, I now have the time freedom and resources to spend with my family, friends, and to worship and serve my God, by the grace of God am also the Presiding Minister at Heavenly Citizens Church aka Citizens of the Kingdom Mission www.thekingdomcitizens.org


Am Pastor C. A. JOSEPHAT-NWOKOLO; the Presiding Minister, HEAVENLY CITIZENS CHURCH www.thekingdomcitizens.org 

Founder/Chief Digital Strategist, SS DIGITAL SOLUTION www.strategicsolutions.com.ng

Principal Partner, SSN TechNovation Hub www.strategicsolutions.com.ng

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, COMPLETE SUCCESS PLATFORMwww.completesuccesstv.com

I observed that a lot of people are struggling financially and living in lack, poverty, indebted and stagnant these days as a result of lack of knowledge, skills and opportunities to be mentored.

Every week a whole lot of unemployed, under-employed people are seeking my help and counseling as a Pastor, and many of them have lost their jobs are finding it difficult to cater for their families or pay rents.

I have been supporting and assisting a lot of people and families and recently while thinking on how to help a family that is going through some challenging time because the man lost his job and as a result was ejected out of his apartment due to unpaid rent.


The Holy Spirit revealed to me through the book of Hosea 4:6 (My people are perishing due to lack of knowledge), He inspired me to empower people with the knowledge and the skills that helped me when i was in such situation.


Hence, i have decided to host a FREE BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR to share my story (how i bounced back after losing my job and the business i started failed to motivate and inspire others; to teach and empower people with the skills that enabled me to bounce back, create wealth with shoe-string capital and achieved financial freedom.




Am hosting this FREE SEMINAR to help, teach and empower others, because I observed that lack and poverty and hopelessness, is the root cause of Suicide, Broken Homes and Marriages, Stealing, Armed Robbery, Fraudulent Activities and Cybercrime, Prostitution, Human and Drug Trafficking, Kidnapping and other crimes that are on the increase these days,

I learned that the lack of knowledge and skills are the weapons the devil is using to keep people in lack and poverty.


To this end, I am on a mission to HELP, TEACH AND EMPOWER people with high-Income Skills, Digital Strategies and Opportunities they can leverage to create value and wealth and fulfill their dominion mandate on earth and make heaven at the end.


Now. It’s time to decide to accept or reject this Life-transforming offer.  As I volunteer to help as many that are interested free of charge.  Don’t, miss this opportunity.


Make sure you join this seminar as the skills and knowledge will transform your life.


However, if you could not be able to join the seminar make sure you also join the Facebook and WhatsApp Group I created to share Digital Marketing & Online Business Tips and Models, Entrepreneurial Tips and teach the skills to share opportunities that will help you in life.



DATE: Saturday May 11th, 2019.


VENUE: 8b, Oyeyemi Street, Oyeyemi B/Stop, Off Akute-Ajuwon Road, Lagos


TIME: 10:00 am  –  1:00pm




Host/Facilitator: Pastor C.A.  JOSEPHAT & Other Experts


Join my WhatsApp group for BUSINESS TIPS, SUCCESS PRINCIPLES & OPPORTUNITIES: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IOGRv1X0kWj82RB1rrNJAU

WhatsApp Group where I share Biblical Keys and Principles for a Fruitful & Fulfilled life: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DUqlFoGYR426Z02E082GFG


For more info or counseling please call: 0812-871-2390, 0806-829-6897


Email; hcc@thekingdomcitizens.org


NOTE: Seating is limited so if you will like to attend this seminar you must fill the form below to register to reserve your seat.




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